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FIGURE SPC - The inside story

Jeroen Search and Len Faki spoke with Deep House Amsterdam and shared their personal view on Figure SPC.
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Following up on his exceptional 12" debut Numb (Figure 73) earlier this year, Seatoc Mass delivers another EP of finely tuned and highly diversified techno deep space explorations.

Starting on an atmospheric note, Cipher’s intricate melody winchingly twists its way under your skin while airy breakbeats faintly hint at the producer’s UK roots. In contrasting fashion the bleep-driven Lost Lakes sticks to its metronomic stomp, making for a simple yet utterly effective tool. Choral howls and detuned synths merge on Transform for a gentle yet trance- inducing introduction to the flipside. Emotive highlight Rain then sees the Manchester producer sonically recreate a thundering storm, complete with flashing strokes of lightning and a downpour of celestial scale. The breakbeat returns on closer Flying Buttress, albeit now at much faster tempo, exploring the common ground between futuristic grime and techno.

Blending all these different styles and their distinctive tropes in a coherent statement is a feat not easily accomplished. Yet here Seatoc Mass pulls it off again, developing further the confines of both his personal and the label's sound.

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Our series Figure SPC inevitably arrived at the alphabet’s last letter and therefore at the end of what has been a great time. Already accountable for the first release ‘A’ seven years ago, Jeroen Search has proven essential to our subimprint with his many cornerstone contributions. 

On this final, special 2x12" release, Jeroen Search tells the last chapter 'Z' and once again proves his ability to distill the pure essence of a groove through his array of machines.

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Awakenings x Figure Nacht

Awakenings is getting closer and we're already much looking forward to our Nacht as the first of 5 Amsterdam Dance Event specials at Gashouder, from Oct 19th-23rd. Here's the timetable of the night.

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setaoc mass - rain - figure 78

Following up on his exceptional 12" debut Numb (Figure 73) earlier this year, Seatoc Mass delivers another EP of finely tuned and highly diversified techno deep space explorations.

Coming Soon

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video by Andreas Miro

10 tracks that influenced SPC Z

Jeroen Search shared ten tracks which influenced the making of ‘SPC Z.’

Check them out at BE-AT.TV


Figure SPC inevitably arrives at the alphabet’s last letter and therefore the end of what has been a most prosperous runtime and success story. Already accountable for its first release ‘A’ seven years ago, Jeroen Search has proven essential to the sublabel’s course with his many cornerstone contributions. This final, special extended release grants him the ample scope to tell the closing chapter in all proper detail.

Spread across two fully packed 12”s the Dutch veteran producer wastes no time but lets his ever evolving array of machines do the talking. They speak in many tones - be it snappy or propelling, vivid or restrained, stomping or intricate - yet they all retain Search’s consistently singular voice. Each of the nine tracks was composed as a live take, with elements being reduced to the utmost minimum but always carrying the kinetic energy onto the next bar.

Thus this ultimate catalogue number SPC Z not only bears witness to an artist’s impressive ability to reliably distill the pure essence of a groove. It is also the grand conclusion to an esteemed series that has become a staple in many DJ’s bags, brought forth plenty of future classics and left its unmistakable mark on techno.

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Picking up on his Numb EP earlier this year, Setaoc Mass continues his forays into deep space while at the same time drawing upon his UK roots.

First listen: Soundcloud

RA review of 'The End'

Read what Resident Advisor's Holly Dicker thinks about Len Faki and Regal's collab on 'The End' (Figure 77)

Setaoc Mass for SlamRadio

Check out Setaoc Mass' mix for the newest SlamRadio episode



hear the first previews of the last chapter of our subimprint Figure SPC


Tasty blend! Check out UBX127's mix for the newest episode of Jazzpod.

Q&A with Jeroen Search and Len Faki

With the last chapter 'Z' our SPC story finds an end soon.
Check XLR8R to read how Jeroen Search and Len Faki feel about it.


Read some info on the last chapter of the series over at Resident Advisor




Two of Figure’s core artists combine their production forces on this release, presenting a fully fledged EP of their joint studio efforts. Spanish azid-wizard Regal teams up with Len Faki himself for some tracks that are as lively and versatile as they are effective and cut for the club.

A particularly delicious fruit of their teamwork is 'The End', a weighty albeit restrained techno- stepper. While tides of Reese bass rumble underneath, it slowly paves the way for its delicate melody. A masterclass in panning is 'VCO', with multiple layers of well-placed frequencies flimmering vigorously and taking listeners for a beatless ride to outer space. On 'Abroad' the team then drops some deeply resonating squelches of acid, unleashing an electric storm onto the final track's haunting chimes.

A collaboration in its truest sense, Figure 77 succeeds at bringing out both artists' respective strengths. More than the sum of its parts, here the fusion of two prolific producers' talents makes for one exceptional record.

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Len Faki Edit of Parris Mitchells 'Rubber Jazz Band'

Len Faki gives away his edit of the 1994 classic as free download. 

The limited vinyl was released for this year's record store day.

Click here to get the edit for free in our Shop.


Groove Review of SPC Y


Good times at Amnesia!


We're happy to announce a new member to the Figure family, welcome on board Viers!

While developing various sonic identities at once, his first outing on our imprint as Viers is a strictly no-nonsense techno affair. His EP 'RE-L' just hit the stores. 

Here's what he has to tell you about the 4 tracks of his Figure 76.

"Lain & Re-L were created probably a little over two years ago. Like most my tracks based of the anime i was watching at the time, In this case Serial Experiments Lain and Ergo Proxy. I wanted to create something that audibly fits the visual aesthetic with out it sounding like a sound track. So there are a lot of machine sounds going off in the distance, dark low noise of computers that kind of thing.

Infornography is also based on Lain, but was made about 3-6 months ago. It's more of a reflection on what i was making at the time of the two tracks mentioned above, keeping the atmosphere and sonic palette to create something new and hopefully interesting.

The final track Protocol i feel is much more of a straight club track. A 808 kit and noisy rolling snares, the bleeps are almost all gone in this one but it still has a very "machine" feel to it that i enjoy. I'd like to say it has some philosophy or deeper meaning behind it, but really i made this to be played in a club a lot more than i did the other tracks. I guess the word "Tool" is made for this track.

I've been into anime/manga since i was quite young, which is probably why its such an influence on my music now. I first watched Akira at a friends house when i was maybe 12/13 years old, i was instantly hooked by the ultra detailed drawings and the surreal soundtrack by Geinoh Yamashirogumi.  I've based a lot of my music on that soundtrack. 

Something about the atmosphere created really resonates with me - it sounds human but almost distinctly not of this earth."

Viers FB I SC

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Amassing almost a dozen EPs and an impressive album debut all within three years, the production powerhouse that is Jordon Saxton finally hits home on Figure. While developing various sonic identities at once, his first outing for the label as Viers is a strictly no-nonsense techno affair.

This already becomes apparent on Lain, which carefully navigates with sonar bleeps and scanner sweeps through of nebula richly detailed textures. Infornography is muffled in thick murk, its metallic synths unceasingly chipping away at rocks of rumbling bass. On the flip Viers changes his game yet again, crafting a beautifully fluorescent and dubbed out loop, making RE-L pulse just as gently as it is booming. Finally Protocol’s militant groove closes things out on a tough note. Hammering kicks and cleverly twisted tribal percussion make this one a nasty surprise to drop during peak time.

No matter what distinct mood or moment Viers is trying his hand at, across this EP he effortlessly nails them all. You will be hard-pressed to find the variety and inventiveness of modern british techno expressed more aptly anywhere else than here.

listen: Soundcloud

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Len Faki x Time Warp 2016

Listen to the full stream of Len Faki's closing set in Room 1 of this year's Time Warp on Soundcloud

Figure Nacht x Sonar

A Week Called Techno presents:

Figure Nacht  
with Cleric / Ian Pooley / Jeroen Search LIVE / Len Faki / Roman Poncet


Setaoc Mass - Planet Earth - Figure 73

Figure Nacht x Amnesia Milan

Figure Nacht x Amnesia | 16.04.16

with Len Faki, Setaoc Mass, Viers


Click on the picture to find a full stream of Len Faki's set at this year's Time Warp



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Amassing almost a dozen EPs and an impressive album debut all within three years, the production powerhouse that is Jordon Saxton finally hits home on Figure. While developing various sonic identities at once, his first outing for the label as Viers is a strictly no-nonsense techno affair.

Coming soon

first listen: Soundcloud  |   presale: Figure Shop


The third edition of Figure’s recently launched run of limited edition hybrid discs sees the label head helping a 90’ies classic to new glory. When originally released in 1995, Ian Pooley’s Celtic Cross destroyed clubs everywhere with its iconic vocal sample and hypnotic bass bleeps.

Len Faki’s remix treatment is a sublte one, which manages to leave most of the original’s Elements in tact while still expanding upon its fiercely banging character. The now sub-laden kicks stomp even heavier, the old-school drums rattle even crunchier and lashes of Faki’s unrivaled hats whip the frenzied track through its now much slicker progression.

Bringing the unashamed rave vibes from two decades ago up to modern production standards, this remix will have both the new generation of techno lovers as well as the veteran heads unite in joy on the dancefloor.

listen: Soundcloud
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Figure Nacht x Spartacus

Figure Nacht x Spartacus | 25.03.16

with Len Faki, Philippe Petit, Setaoc Mass



Roman Poncet´s Marguerite EP was just released this monday.
In our Figured Out By series he provides interesting insights into the development and production process. enjoy!

Well, we start with the track who brought the name to this EP - Marguerite.
This track has the name of my girlfriend, her second name actually. I made it, while thinking of her. 

She’s very into this kind of reduced deep chord jams on a low ended groove. While I was producing it, it was like I had her voice behind me, guiding me through the creation process to bring it exactly where she desired.

The second song, called ‚Vicious‘, is born with my desire of creating something fierce - a fury break beat road ending on nervousness pads which bring those frightening feelings. When I did the beat I aimed for something, on what I could have an unstructured breathless dance!

Let’s flip the vinyl.

Atome I & II are sit together there - the story of these two tracks are quite funny (and also related to my girlfriend).
When I produced the first versions, especially Atome I, I asked her to give me her feedback. It was sanguinary - she ruined my track and argued by saying that the synth i used was definitely too cheesy and stupidly aggressive. 

She suggested me to put something more serious and darker in a way. I decided to accept the advise and shaped a more distressing sound. I wanted the 2nd version of Atome to be more aggressive this time - a progressive tension throughout the track. For that, it needed consistent energy - without any break or very quiet moment but something which keeps going and going.

listen: Soundcloud
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Roman Poncet FB I SC


UBX127 with four driving tracks on SPC Y.
Infusing it with a feeling of constant motion and liveliness - crafty, refined and irresistibly moving.

listen: Soundcloud

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UBX127 FB | SC


OUT NOW - Figure 75 - Roman Poncet - Marguerite

Roman Poncet returns to Figure with another batch of deadly efficient tools featuring four productions in his stripped-back signature style.

Opener Vicious sets the stage with a snappy and muscular breakbeat holding the rhythm down tightly until creeping synths reveal the track’s true, eery intentions. Marguerite is more welcoming, with gentle percussion and dubbed out chords making for a loop that could go on forever.

The B-side is another example of skillfully sculpting sounds both lean and powerful. On Atome I ricocheting synth echoes and fine layers of percussion sway back and forth until they collapse into an extended atmospheric breakdown. Starting out reduced to its very nucleus, the second version slowly lets an electrifying tension fill the blank spaces.

Comprising a set of bare-bone grooves as slick as they are powerfully moving, Roman Poncet delivers another EP in true Figure fashion that is sure to stay in the bag for a long time. 

listen: Soundcloud
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The penultimate release of our SPC-series comes from an anonymous yet auspicious talent. On his first output under the UBX127 guise, the producer reveals his wares, combining classic bleep techno with just the right dose of acid. In the following the artist shares some insights into his inspirations and approach to Techno.

”My inspiration to make music comes from different places. Many times a glitch or something unexpected happening with the machines in my studio has triggered me to create something musical from that event. It does seem like the older I get most of my musical inspiration reaches back into my teenage years. I had this fiery passion for music back then which has waned as the years has gone by. I can still remember the feeling I had when visiting my first rave in the mid-90s, a feeling of being let in on some big secret. The music had this raw quality and I had a hard time making out one track from another, it was just this immense energy. I had never heard anything like it.

I don’t think the music was better back then. For me, music in general has never been as good as in the last couple of years. But what I listened to during those years left a deep impression in me.

The music I create these days is some sort of journey to find my way back to those feelings. It goes against the idea that techno is supposed to be forward thinking, but I think there is still a lot to say within this well-known framework.

I usually have very few elements in a track as I tend to prefer very sparse productions where each sounds gets space to evolve over time. It’s always very inspiring for me listen to older electronic music since so much was achieved with so little. The sounds in my tracks are mainly generated by different hardware. It’s partly because I like the sounds from those specific machines but also because I want to limit myself to working with a limited amount of options.

One of the challenges working with a setup that is primarily hardware, with a good portion of it being made decades ago, is that at least one instrument is always in need of repairs or that I’m one cable short. Although annoying, it usually serves as a creativity trigger as I get forced to focus on working with the elements I have and make the most of it. The sound of these four tracks comes from these limitations. One example is that I was working on a chord progression for Grids, but that specific synth broke down in the period I was making the track. The synth was fixed but I started to like the minimal arrangement and decided to leave the track as it was.

These four tracks were produced during the same period and i think they complement each other well. They all borrow elements from each other but each track has a slightly different tone. “

listen: Soundcloud

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UBX127 FB | SC



Turning into the home stretch, Figure hands the penultimate release of its SPC-series to an anonymous yet auspicious talent.On his first output under the UBX127 guise, the producer reveals his wares, combining classic bleep techno with just the right dose of acid.

The four driving tracks thrive on their distinct synth-modulations, each scurrying atop a firm groundwork of brooding basses. Apparent analogue sequencing pervades the whole EP, infusing it with a feeling of constant motion and liveliness.

While SPC Y as a whole comes clearly primed for the floor, UBX127 is keen to develop on the theme. Be it on the stridently discordant but sizzling Flares or the swirling Sprites with its flickering and twinkling atmospheric chaff. The attention to fine sonic detail also extends to the record’s flipside, providing for two more compositions of fleet-footed synth arpeggios and culminates in the epic space voyage of Grids II.

Crafty, refined and irresistibly moving, this record is sure to be stirring up dancers around the globe.

listen: Soundcloud
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Deep House Amsterdam Interview with Len Faki

Deep House Amsterdam had a talk with Len Faki about his newest Figure, the most important piece of gear and his favourite club.

Figure Nacht x Fuse

Fuse presents: Figure Nacht | 05.03.2016

with Len Faki, Regal, Setaoc Mass



Len Faki’s Hidden Objects just saw the light of day. In Figured Out By he shares some facts about the approach he took with his remixes on Figure number 74.

As the name reveals, these remixes were hidden tracks, which weren’t meant to be released in the first place. They are result of spontaneus jams with the elements that I found appealing. I was inspired by the original versions and had great fun tweaking around with the parts, following the idea and visions of these tracks i had in mind.

Slam’s Cirklon Bells was the first of the three remixes I finished. I intented to give a contrastful atmosphere to the track by combining the warm melancholic vibe of the pads/synths with a more raw arranged beat structure unalike the ordinary 4/4 kickdrum. With Scuba’s Black in Black it was kind of similar. The ‚Goes White’ Remix of this EP came into life shortly after I finished the ‚Goes Black’ remix, which came out on Hotflush mid 2015. It has a lighter vibe and a bouncy bassline compared to the straightness of the darker counterpart. Third one came about after Philippe (Petit) sent me his beatless track ‚Suspended’, which we released as B2 on SPC W, August 2015. I instantly fell in love with the beautiful arpeggio he used there.

The three originals already carried a certain deepness inside them, which really got me. I carved that out with my very own tools not aiming for a specific functional track. I can imagine to follow this path more often, since I’m quite happy with developing an additional side of mine.

listen: Soundcloud
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With the release of this set of remixes Figure head Len Faki reveals previously unseen shades of both the source material and his own musical identity. Produced over the course of last year and originally never intended to come out, the Hidden Objects were to remain just that – hidden from anyone but Faki himself who was privately developing a different side of his in the studio.

This effort first lead to deliberately constructing an antipode to Slam’s Cirklon Bells. Contrasting grainy distorted noise and stuttering drums against the light and ambient melody of the original, the remix turns into a bittersweet yet beautifully soothing listen.

Feeling inspired by this novel approach of turning a track’s atmosphere and energy by means of opposition, Faki decided to apply it again to one of last year’s biggest remixes, his own re- interpretation of Scuba’s Black on Black. This time going into the opposite white direction, a more musical and melodic side of Len Faki is allowed to shine through when big, anthemic pads hover over a bouncy bassline and an epic breakdown gives ample room for the track’s groove to rebuild from scratch.

Finally the newfound workflow sees Faki take on Philippe Petit’s Suspened off his recent EP for Figure SPC. Building upon the original’s quivering melody, Faki injects it with serious momentum by carefully added skittering percussion and some deeply moving bass, thus taking the already uplifting vibe even further.

listen: Soundcloud
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Stream B1 of the EP in full before release at Mixmag now!

Figure Nacht x MMA

Figure Nacht  x MMA | 04.03.2016

with Len Faki, Jeroen Search, Roman Poncet




Setaoc Mass' Numb / Figure 73 has just been released. The artist shared some insights into his production habits as well as background facts about the development of one of his tracks from the EP.

"Making the whole track was kind of spur of the moment, i opened Ableton one morning after drinking some coffee which is a very regular thing for me to do as i love to produce early after good rest without any interaction or distraction from the outside world. I was scanning old projects and found this really spacey ambient pad which was going to be used on an electro style track, it all happened so fast after playing with the audio for a while i remembered having this vocal in my hard drive, it instantly fit with the Extra Terrestrial feel which the pad sound already had. The way it pulls you in, out and in different directions really grabbed me in those hours piecing it together .

Originally i had sourced the vocal for the "Planet Earth" track from the NASA website, its from the Voyager One "Golden Record". 

The way the vocal sounded on its own is so creepy with the old recordings back in the late '70s.

Theres a great story behind the Golden Record; which was sent out to space with no destined return on the Voyager One space craft which is the furthest human made object now reaching 'interstellar space' it was in the hope for some other life form to find it, along with the record is also instructions on how to play if it were ever to be found. Really cool experiment, fingers crossed!"

listen: Soundcloud
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Figure 73 introduces a new face to the family - Manchester-bread and now Berlin-based Setaoc Mass. After recently launching his own imprint SK_Eleven and putting out several releases that already tread in Figure's lineage of modern, high-precision techno, the label is thrilled to get this promising new artist on board.

The five-tracker shows Setaoc Mass at his most versatile yet and clearly displays the producer's talent for constructing both strong atmosphere as well as sheer dance-floor effectiveness.

Opener Mueh is a beatless brooding tool, endlessly building upon an eery SciFi-suspense. Far less reluctant and quick to up the tempo is Solo (Part One), contrasting fierce machinery against a crystalline melody that comes sprinkling from the stars above.

On the flipside Solo (Part Two) departs from the relentless thud of its predecessor, instead opting for an oldschool electro-pattern but keeping things far out in the orbit with absorbing emotive strings. Muffled Planet Earth only trickles through the lunar mist before the bellowing horns of Numb ferociously close out the EP.

With a statement this cohesive yet well rounded, Setaoc Mass ups his game considerably and proves himself a perfect addition to the international Figure stable.

listen: Soundcloud
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Happy new year!

When it comes to Techno, one can surely say that it's been a great 2015. Looking back to 16 releases makes us very happy and proud. We would like to thank you all for being part of this - supporters, artists, friends. We're very much looking forward to 2016 with you all.
Happy new year everyone!

Len Faki French Fries 2000 and One RØDHÅD Regal Cleric Alan Fitzpatrick Rod Malmok Benny Rodrigues
Markus Suckut Philippe Petit Lewis Fautzi Johannes Heil Andre Kronert Roman Poncet Setaoc Mass Jeroen Search

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Len Faki on air at B.Traits Label Mates

Len Faki on air at B.Traits' Label Mates!

Tune in to hear him chat about how it all began with Figure and Figure SPC, as well as to hear tracks by Radio Slave, Cleric, Regal, Jeroen Search and an exclusive one by Setaoc Mass, which will be out as first Figure in 2016.

25 days left to listen - enjoy!



Young UK based producer Cleric has established himself not only as a bonafide new talent and key player in the International Techno world, but also as a prolific artist on Figure.

Now well known for his crisp, deadly club tracks and rich melancholic ambient studies, in this fifth single for the label he explores his hard-hitting yet luxurious sound ever further.

What's immediate about the four tracks on offer here is Cleric's extremely powerful, yet masterfully controlled bass frequencies. Coupled with his addictive, smart and dark 90s-reminiscent synth hooks, we're left with an array of stomping, percussive weapons primed for expansive spaces and killer sound systems.

From the storming energy of opening cut The Key of Night all the way through to the deeper- tripping Solar Fields it's a must-have EP for 'those who know'. 

listen: Soundcloud
buy physical: Decks  | buy digital: Beatport


Crisp and characterful techno trips inspired by classic minimalist traditions on SPC X.

Over four, bleep infused, tracky and positively charged cuts, ROD opens the doors for us into his latest hardware-driven studio sessions. 

listen: Soundcloud
buy physical: Decks  | buy digital: Beatport


In case you haven't heard yet: Len Faki mixed the latest episode of Resident Advisor's Podcast series.
Drawing a line from driving techno to atmospheric electro, this is definitely a mix not to be missed.



ROD, aka respected long-term Dutch activist Benny Rodrigues, hands in another burning 4 track EP for Figure SPC.

As the series approaches the zenith of its 26 chapter A-Z journey, the quality shows no sign of dropping, with ROD's crisp and characterful techno trips inspired by classic minimalist traditions.

Over four, bleep infused, tracky and positively charged cuts, ROD opens the doors for us into his latest hardware-driven studio sessions. Each track is a carefully carved snapshot, a different specific moment for the floor; the producer's talent for creating elegant moments of tense and playful Techno is clear to hear. 

listen: Soundcloud
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Roman Poncet for this week's Invite's Choice

You shouldn't sleep on this week's Invite's Choice Podcast by our man Roman Poncet.
Great journey from ambient soundscapes to modern techno at its best.



Coming Soon - FIGURE 72 - CLERIC

Young UK based producer Cleric has established himself not only as a bonafide new talent and key player in the International Techno world, but also as a prolific artist on Figure. Now well known for his crisp, deadly club tracks and rich melancholic ambient studies, in this fifth single for the label he explores his hard-hitting yet luxurious sound ever further.

Listen here

Figure podcast series with Vicious Magazine

We are happy to announce, that today is the start of our Figure podcast series in cooperation with Vicious Magazine

Regal has mixed the first episode which definitely won't let you sit still.
Three more mixes to follow until the end of 2015.



ROD, aka respected long-term Dutch activist Benny Rodrigues, hands in another burning 4 track EP for Figure SPC.

listen here: http://bit.ly/SPC_X

Coming soon!

Good times!

Good times in London! This was just before our #FigureNacht at Oval Space started.

Big thanks to everyone who came out, to the Oval Space crew and Len Faki, Roman Poncet & Regal for a fantastic Halloween Nacht.

click here for pics of our Nacht 

Roman Poncet for Slam Radio

Our office soundtrack today: Roman Poncet for Slam Radio

Fantastic mix, this one!

win a figure t-shirt and guestlist for figure nacht x oval space!

London people!

It's just 2 days until our ‪#‎FigureNacht‬ at Oval Space takes place.
Since it's Halloween, we are giving away some sweets to you: 
It's your chance to win one of two Figure t-shirts!

Both come together with two guestlist spots for this Friday. 
All you have to do is send us a PM on Facebook and tell us why you should be the winner of one of these packages, as well as your size (M/ L/ XL) and your full name. Winners can pick up their prizes at Oval Space's door, Friday night and will be announced tomorrow 1pm.

Good luck!

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your Figure Team


Up and coming producer, Odd/Even label boss and close Stockholm Ltd affiliate Andre Kronert arrives with an astounding 3 track EP, completed by a deadly Len Faki Dub.

Kronert has risen through the ranks yet stayed true to his reduced, warm and powerful sound strategy. The opening track G.I.A.N.T makes for a wonderfully tense opener, with its expansive dark sound design and deep dub kick arriving around the half-way point. This is countersigned then by two more energetic tracks in the shape of The Throne Room and Fallen Space, both pivoting over a fulcrum of classic synth hooks and carefully honed percussion.

Len Faki takes The Throne Room into a different mental zone, with his almost tropical Dub version, ensnaring a freaky pitched motif to accent and build upon Andre's powerful original elements. Classic reduction, and an EP of classic Figure contemporary Techno. 

listen: Soundcloud
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coming october 26th - figure 71 - andre kronert

Up and coming producer, Odd/Even label boss and close Stockholm Ltd affiliate Andre Kronert
with an astounding 3 track EP, completed by a deadly Len Faki Dub. 

Listen here: Soundcloud

Len Faki's Street Dub in full effect


Figure's creator Len Faki steps in to the spotlight once again with his brand new Street Dub EP. Constantly striving for excellence in sound design and deadly arrangements, Faki's wonderfully precise and well honed strand of club techno continues to shine on Figure's 70th release - a classic example of Len's tireless approach to production.

Packaged together in three different versions, Street Dub stylishly treads the borders between classic dub techno and modern club weaponry. With just a handful of perfectly balanced elements, perching atop a weighty kick and rolling sub bass, both Street Dub and Street Dub Version are sure to satisfy purist techno fans and newcomers to the genre alike.

As a bonus, an Ambience mix is included, stripping away all the percussion and letting the beautiful subtleties of Faki's production bubble to the surface. 

listen: Soundcloud
buy physical: Decks Records  | buy digital: Beatport

"Basic Channel on steroids"

Here's a short review on Len Faki's Street Dub Ep (Figure 70):




We are continuing our new limited edition hybrid disc ' x.5 ' series with a special 2 track offering from Johannes Heil.

Kykeon I represents an unabashed, smiles-abound floor-filler with one of Heil's most joyful and accessible productions to date. A perfect heady cocktail of slamming 90s drums and uplifting house- stab melodies, the german producer has really struck a chord here with this future club-classic.

The spaced out stepping beats of Kykeon II then, sit in welcome contrast to the all out madness of its bigger brother. Subtle, intelligent Techno formations rise and swell, based around a similar melodic framework to that found in part I.

Another masterclass from one of the most talented producers in the business. 

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Figure 70

Street Dub is coming soon

Regal at Il Cave


2 minutes of Regal's sublime set on our #FigureNacht at Il Cave, Gallipoli


Up and coming Belgium-born activist Philippe Petit, operator of the Knotweed and Decision Making Theory labels, returns to Figure SPC with a delightfully versatile four tracker. Spanning cold-wave- synth electronics, purist club techno and up-building melodic zones, it's perhaps Petit's strongest effort yet.

Capturing a neo-classical, archaic mood in 'Mist', Philippe works stunning cyclic synth themes along with tactile filtering drum patterns. 'Solaris' and 'Negative Zone' then both work stand-out tracky, trippy elements into two killer club weapons, showing off the frenchman's studio skills. The lighter footprint of 'Suspended' closes the EP with a joyful, above the clouds journey, lifting up weightlessly into the ether.

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out now - figure 69 - cryptik

Long-time Techno protagonist and Figure mainstay Johannes Heil returns with a new 4-track package under his Cryptik pseudonym. Continuing the focus on a more leftfield, experimental sound, Cryptik emerses the listener into a soundtrack world of rich sound, depth of field and versatile, changeable moods. By no means a simple club record, all four tracks offer subtle and rich musical content, each telling a story with beautiful melancholic melodies and rushes of endorphins.

From elongated 10 minute journeys into the more reflective zones of Heil's techno world, snaking and building, showing off all the skills he collected over his 20 years-plus career at the top of his artform, Crypik is a dance on the senses. From the cinematic elegance of 'The Gate', or the bleep-laden epic of 'Radiance', to the post-house Piano led drama of 'Messenger' or the heavyweight synth swarms of 'Belief', the EP is full of passion and life, capturing truly magic moments. 

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figure nacht at il ciclope

Special Guest RØDHÅD on our Figure Nacht at Bloc Barcelona


Now a regular member of the Figure roster, young portugese talent Lewis Fautzi resurfaces again, fresh off the back of an inspired full-length debut for Slam's Soma Records. Continuing with his own take on the darker, trippier end of the Techno spectrum, we're treated to 4 new tracks, beautifully sequenced and alive with energy.
From the depths of Fautzi's studio, 'Signal Of The Light' emerges with its deep resonant acid tones and broken beats. Setting the mood, Fautzi then unlocks the monster inside with three club-designed cuts that rattle, fizz, gyrate and swell with precision intensity. A name to keep an eye on without a doubt, its no surprise this young man's vision of modern Techno is finding its way into DJ's sets far and wide.

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British powerhouse Alan Fitzpatrick returns to Figure with his second EP on the label after 2009's 'Weed Killer / Science'. Since then its clear that Alan has continued on a dedicated, valiant quest to find his own sound, and the results are on show here, with a heavyweight, emotive and futuristic Techno three-tracker. 

Like a warm rush of endorphins on the summer breeze, Alan's rich up-building sound is perfectly represented in tracks like 'A Subtle Change', with its jubilant stab-led melody, or the modern club-weapon vibes of 'Trigger Finger'. Harking back to late 90s UK IDM and 'proper' dub-Techno atmospheres, Fitzpatrick then gracefully crafts a down-tempo, space-out version of 'A Subtle Change' for the B-side, providing the afterhours sessioners with a new buzz-track.

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Figure 65.5 - basic pain procedure - Len Faki remix

finally our beauty arrived in the stores!

or get it online at Hardwax | Decks Records

don't miss - invite's choice podcast 256 - Regal

text from Invite:

The 265th Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite's Choice.
This show with guest: Regal

Based in Madrid, but of Italian origins, Regal comes in 2012 as one of the most interesting talents of European Techno scene. Dark sounds from Detroit to Berlin and hypnotic rhythms with lot of groove are what characterize him.He has released on labels such as “Figure” or "Enemy", but also in his own lmprint "Involve Records" wich in a short period of time has got a lot of recognition from dj’s such us Marcel Dettmann, Nina Kraviz, Len Faki, etc.
Regal is without a doubt an artist whose name and talent will undoubtedly be spoken of very highly in the underground scene in the near future.

Figure 65.5 - basic pain procedure - Len Faki remix

starting our new series of hybrid picture discs a litte unusual with releasing the digital version a little too early and the limited edition of vinyls with a little delay.
check out the digital version on Beatport - and expect the beautiful vinyls to hit the store in about two weeks. We'll keep you posted.

out now - Figure 66 - Markus suckut

Longtime Figure main-player Markus Suckut continues his artistic development with this killer
seven track, wide-reaching EP.

Based on the concept of providing rich ambient textures for the 'start' of the night or DJ set,
and then heavy, minimalist techno tracks to satisfy driving, percussive club needs, Suckut
gives us another masterclass in his art. Alongside the dense textures of 'for start #1-3' and
their varying moods - from echoing steam-filled passges to off-world strings reaching for the
skies - we are also treated to four heavyweight DJ tools stamped with Markus' trademark
elegant sound.

listen: Soundcloud
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Len Faki from above

out now - Figure 65 - Cleric

Continuing UK producer Cleric's double-header on Figure, Figure 65 offers up 4 more brand new
tracks from the sought after young talent. Following on from his wonderfully diverse collection of
tracks on Figure 64, Cleric's skills continue to shine in this second chapter.

After a beautifully sensitive chord-led introduction in the form of 'Shifted Reality', showing off some
rare after-hours vibes from the Cleric studio, we hit the peak time once again with 'Plexus'.
A stripped and perfectly balanced moment of percussive DJ Tool glory, all we need are claps,

Kicks and FX to get the room working overtime!
Old school killer 'Seit 1990' graces the B2 position with an addictive bleep-fest in the true spirit of
underground, warehouse Techno… Simply a must have for the purist minimal heads out there, and
the new breed alike.

Cleric closes out the EP with a mesmerising down-tempo composition entitled 'Dissapointment'.
Its a touching ode to early 90s Electronics, and it will be no surprise to some that the Northern
English producer shows his true colours on this wonderfully atypical track - echoes of Warp there
to be found if desired.

listen: https://soundcloud.com/figure-official/sets/figure-65-cleric-scattered-thoughts-part-2
buy digital: https://pro.beatport.com/release/scattered-thoughts-part-2/1475124
buy physical: http://www.decks.de/t/cleric-scattered_thoughts_part_2/c4o-0a


Markus Suckut rocking Bolgia with French Kiss

FUSE madness with Len Faki.

out now - Figure 64 - Cleric

The first installment in a double issue of brand new Cleric productions drops with Figure 64. The
young British producer has released a handful of 12''s over the last few years, issuing forth a bold,
club targeted sound with a keen ear for clarity and full-spectrum sonics. Now we are treated to a wide
ranging and impressive new wave of work, over 8 tracks on 2x12''s, from Cleric on Figure.

Taking us head first into the action, 'Avoid The Subject' presents a crazy dystopia of arpeggiated
synth bleeps, dancing and filtering around a heavy trademark Cleric drum barrage. At once
recognisable, part-insane and part-paranoid funk, its a strong statement to start the EP.

B1 cut 'Charlatan' strips things down with a more heads-down jam, with a classic melancholic synth
array washing over heavy, stoic drums. Contrasting and complementing the hands-in-the-air action of
the A1, this is understated, hypnotic Techno for 2015. In a happy contrast then, both the A2 and B2
tracks opt to show off some of Clerics more subdued, dubbed-out moments. 'Mx4' is a downtempo
atmospheric grower, snaking over 5 minutes of wonderful dub-FX, while the post-ambient 'Gateway'
segues gently in and out with its own tidal rhythms.

Scattered Thoughts Part 2 will be released on March 9th.

listen: https://soundcloud.com/figure-official/sets/figure-64-cleric-scattered-thoughts-part-1
buy digital: https://pro.beatport.com/release/scattered-thoughts-part-1/1475135
buy physical: http://www.decks.de/t/cleric-scattered_thoughts_part_1/c4n-ni

Jeroen Search live - The Future Is Ours - FIGURE SPC P

Figure Nacht at Fuse

thanks Brussels for welcoming us with so much passion, support and open arms.
was a perfect Nacht.

1 minute with Roman Poncet

Len hypnotizing Rome with Asua

A short clip from FIGURE Nacht at Spazio 900 in Rome, having an amazing time with Cleric!


Massive start from portuguese artist Lewis Fautzi on his Rome debut at Spazio 900.

grazie mille!

it was an overwhelming Figure Nacht - Roma you were amazing!

big fun at our Figure Nacht! thank you vienna - danke Grelle Forelle

out now - Figure SPC V - ROD

ROD needs no introduction as the prolific alter ego of a certain Dutch producer already well associated with Figure. Here we are treated to 3 new ROD cuts, precisely aimed at the dancefloor, plus a special Len Faki remix to crown the package.

From the tricky, filtering rumbles of 'Truck One', to the psycho tendencies of 'Trucker One', or indeed the stuttering, head-spin of 'Trucker Two', the damage capabilities of this EP are clear. ROD's stripped and no-nonsense aesthetic, paired with a unique sense of timing and a delicate hand on the mixing desk ensure these minimalist tools also offer the touch of a long-time Techno devotee - that is to say - Timeless!

Label curator Len Faki offers up his take on 'Truck One' in a storming, action-packed ride, building on ROD's sparse palette of sound-design rumbles, and creates a straight up modern Techno roller that refuses to be shy!

listen: https://soundcloud.com/figure-official/sets/figure-spc-v-rod
buy digital: https://pro.beatport.com/release/spc-v/1444044
buy physical: http://www.decks.de/t/rod-figure_spc_v/c4k-9f

figure 63 - Regal

After a great debut on the label as part of the V/A release Figure SPC R, new Spanish talent Regal is fully welcomed to Figure with his first EP. Showing off his ear for a twisted Acid line or two, Regal  provides three tracks on the vinyl edition of Figure 62, and also a bonus burner for the digital realm.

The rising tension of 'Monomyth' is classic 90s acid, accented by the ear of a young man who is very much living in the present. Refined and tracky, Regal draws out every last drop of energy from a mere handful of well tuned ingredients, peaking his acid line sky high.

The snaking, heads-down 'Symbol' fits very much with Figure's 2014 manifesto - driving, precise modern techno, with clever arrangements that simple beg repeat listening and club play. The tweaking, after-hours vibes of 'Pointillism' continue this with a totally playable, bubbling minimalist killer.

Finally a more raucous offering can be found served up in the form of digital bonus track 'Pompous' - completing an accomplished DJ's record from a name to watch.

listen: https://pro.beatport.com/release/symbol/1444055
buy digital: https://soundcloud.com/figure-official/sets/figure-63-regal
buy physical: http://www.decks.de/t/regal-figure_63/c4j-qt

out now - Figure 62 - len faki dj-edits vol IV

Featuring three more raw versions based on original tracks from 2000 & One, French Fries and Rødhåd, DJ Edits Volume 4 arrives just in time for the festive season. Precision edited, endorsed and club-tested by Len Faki, the package offers yet another chance to delve into the record bag of the Figure label head.

2000 & One's 'Ethics' is a classic from the 90s that Len has been playing for years. Just the right time for a fresh rework for today's high-fidelity sound systems, this rolling powerhouse opens up with a crunching percussion array before the original's playful melody surfaces and the funk is laid on thick!

The jacking, positively charged 'Journey to Kepler' by French Fries is reworked here by Len into a storming Detroit inspired monster. Constantly building, evolving and mutating, it's a track that never fails to deliver a pure rush of emotions and endorphins every time.

Berlin mainstay Rødhåd's 'Mines Of Mines' gets the full on late night treatment from Len in this tense, broken beat reworking. From subtle layered bleeps and pads forms an extremely dense field of sound. The arrival of a heavy kick drum formation creates the perfect transition track in this stand-out moment of hypnosis.

listen: https://soundcloud.com/figure-official/sets/figure-62-len-faki-dj-edits-volume-iv
buy digital: http://www.beatport.com/release/dj-edits-volume-4/1444054
buy physical: http://www.decks.de/t/len_faki-dj_edits_vol_iv/c4j-4v

figure spc u - Philippe Petit

Long-serving French talent Philippe Petit is welcomed to Figure SPC with this dextrous and inventive four-track EP.

Petit is the owner of the Knotweed and Decision Making Theory labels, enjoying a busy schedule as a fine purveyor of edgy, melodic and classic Techno stylings. Ranging from the Euro-beat infusions of 'Body', with its menacing electronic palpitations, to the stuttering syncopations of 'The Truth', the bouncing, addictive tooly vibe of 'Lost Again', or finally the tracky, introspective chord-journey of 'In Between', its a varied and versatile EP from the hard working activist.

Demonstrating his broad taste for the many different recipes making up the Techno universe, SPC U offers fans of the genre 4 unique takes, providing a look into the mind of the creator behind them.

We look forward to more to come from Mr. Petit!

listen: https://soundcloud.com/figure-official/sets/figure-spc-u-philippe-petit
buy digital: http://www.beatport.com/release/spc-u/1413491
buy physical: http://www.decks.de/t/philippe_petit-figure_spc_u/c4a-c7

figure 61 - cryptik

Continuing a prolific run this year on Figure, veteran German producer Johannes Heil launches a new alter-ego with 'Cryptik'. Combining his trademark darker techno explorations, with more positive, uplifting melodies, Cryptik offers a yet-unseen take on Heil's sound, always versatile, always breaking the mold.

From thundering bass energy, a floating chord structure emerges in 'Source Code'. Underpinned by massive, solid drums, its ambient melodies create the perfect juxtaposition and a distinctive, curious creature is born.

Fully embracing broken-beat electro vibes, 'Back Door' takes us to an alternative dancefloor where sneaky dubbed-out fx and stirring emotional synths set a killer late night scene. Classic Detroit melodies meet the cold winter streets of Berlin in this rare example of Heil's alternative side.

'Phantoms' completes this first taste of the sound of Cryptik, in a cinematic interlude or 'incidental' piece, that represents purist techno just as well as the either of two beat-infused tracks. Its all in the mood, the atmosphere, and the textures. Cryptik = Techno Diversity!

listen: https://soundcloud.com/figure-official/sets/figure-61-cryptik
buy digital: http://www.beatport.com/release/source-code/1413501
buy physical: http://www.decks.de/t/cryptik-figure_61/c4a-c2

Markus Suckut Boiler room berlin dj set

our label mate Markus Suckut played live from the Boiler Room Berlin.
now his full 90 min set is available online.
check it out and enjoy: http://boilerroom.tv/recording/markus-suckut/

we had such a great night at butan - big thank you!

07.11.14 - figure plays at butan wuppertal

Figure 60 - Markus Suckut

Figure arrives at its 60th release with label mainstay Markus Suckut. The young German producer's sound easily represents some of the most focused, intense and immediate techno around, and he continues his fine run of form with three unique tracks on Figure 60. Over nine minutes 'Abandonedt' graces the A side in a snaking, intense industrial journey perfectly set up for moments of high drama. A throbbing, acidic bassline winds itself around the central axis of the track, with washes of rave-inspired pads adding extra momentum. A more reduced affair, 'Corp' is classic Suckut territory. Giving the DJ room to work, while providing an incredibly solid backbone of mysterious psycho-funk, Markus takes us deep into his dark, loop world of submerged sub-sonics and rattling percussion. The slower paced, dubby vibes of 'March' complete the EP as an addictive filtered vocal sample emerges amongst sharply snapping snares and fluffy hats. Bringing out the magic in the groove with only a few elements, its yet another masterclass in modern minimalism.

22.09.14 - figure 59 - lewis fautzi - diagonal

Up and coming Portuguese producer Lewis Fautzi is quickly becoming a name to look out for in Techno. Championed by the likes of Jeff Mills,, Fautzi's hypnotic, tracky sound is much in demand.In May 2014 Figure label founder Len Faki opened his Boiler Room Berlin set with a new Lewis Fautzi production, the beatless intro vibes of 'Diagonal', and thus a new EP was born on Figure. Combining classic sci-fi techno tones and bleeps, with modern, crisp production, Fautzi's tracks for Figure sound like the work on an experienced Techno artist. The submerged rolling thunder of 'Big Bang' is a heads-down tooly track whose magic is revealed through subtle, intricate arrangement. Further proof of this young man's talents are revealed with 'Spectral Lines' - an intense acidic trip unfolding, full of exciting peaks and moments of reduction.Finally the trippy bleeps of 'Blocker' tie up this impressive EP, in a classic timeless Techno formation. Fautzi is clearly aware of the work of this artform's pioneering founders; its weight and value; but with Figure 59 he's created a significant piece of that history that's his forever!

18.09.14 - FIGURE plays at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris

25.08.14 - figure 58 - Johannes Heil - Transitions Volume 2

Continuing his prolific run of new material for the label, Johannes Heil continues to push forward with his 'Transitions' series, here collecting four more unique tracks for Volume 2. Opening with the serene calm and Krautrock influenced 'Transition Five', a five minute piece that opens up a rich synth landscape full of space and texture, we then move onto the first of the EP's two full-spectrum Techno trips. Hotly tipped for the Summer as an essential Festival and Open Air 'moment, the powerful and optimistic energy behind 'Transition Six' is hard to ignore. That combined with Heil's extremely well sculpted and high-end production, the scene is set for madness to ensue... On the flip side we visit more paranoid zones with 'Transition Seven'. Building from a minimalistic stuttering rhythm, a soaring Sci-Fi soundtrack of strings and intricate synth patterns lift the tension, while dramatic sound effects crash and shimmer across the spectrum. This then prepares us for 'Transition Eight', in which we find Johannes working his refined club-sound into yet further directions and angles. At once hypnotising and dominating in its driving bass register and captivating arrangement, a highly charged minimalist club tool for 2014 awaits!

len and johannes at cave gallipoli - 18.08.14

30.06.14 - released today - figure spc t jeroen search

One of the true masters of modern minimalism, and one of the central artists on Figure SPC, Dutch artist Jeroen Search is back! Over three exciting and urgent new tracks Search hones in his skills in programming and arrangement to create yet more exciting and unique club tools.A refined and trippy journey into the cleaner, more funky end of the Techno spectrum, 'Magnus' works an airy, bleep-era riff atop snappy, tight drums and frenetic hat and ride elevations. Constantly lifting the energy, dropping it off with subtle tension, and bringing it back again, its a masterful example of the producer's talents.Drifitng into more edgy zones, the darker and more sinister 'Renaissance' welcomes back Jeroen's jacking house influences, as this groovy 90s-vibed jam takes off. A rough and totally out-there synth riff emerges from the forward pushing percussion to take centre stage, creating a moment of wild abandon!'Formalized' completes the EP with a more abstract trip into dark dance. Classic techno bleeps and pizzicato synth patterns revolve and hypnotize in this reduced and frankly killer slice of paranoid genius.

18.08.14 - figure plays at cave gallipoli

Len and Johannes at Il Muretto - 09.08.14

09.08.14 - il muretto in jesolo

28.07.14 - released today - Len Faki Dj Edits III

Sound Associates are late 90s UK producers Ben Tisdall and Daz Saund. With a long string of releases on labels like Music Man, Tortured, Missile and more, the pair defined a funky, frenetic tribal Techno sound. Their raw and challenging sonics, with compressed low ends and crisp highs no doubt contributed to the benchmarks for Techno today. Perhaps some of the unsung heroes of the pioneering UK scene, Sound Associates have left a permanent stamp on the shape of club music without compromise.Following on from his Edits of DJ Hyperactive, JPLS and Mikael Jonasson, Len Faki now takes on original Sound Associates material in two burning new interpretations. Both 'Jacknife' and 'Boombox' blend the jacking, floor-burning funk of the original S.A cuts, with Faki's unmistakable attention to detail, and deadly-high production values. Finely tuned, yet raw and unrelenting, they are a perfect addition to Figure's current run of releases, setting new and higher standards for underground Techno in 2014.