Setaoc Mass and Matrixxman join forces for Figure 87

Figure is excited to present the first outing of what might soon prove to be one of techno‘s most promising collaborations. While Seatoc Mass‘ two pristinely crafted EPs have already left their mark on the label, Matrixxman has been turning heads across the scenes with his exceptionally prolific track record.

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A year after his extremely versatile debut EP for Figure, Viers comes out with another batch of tunes that again set him apart from his peers both in production value and creativeness.

Touching on the tropes of classic detroit techno, Saxton presents a beautifully delicate opening track, rife with life from within the machines while still steadily thumping ahead. It‘s the mix of this vital momentum together with a certain restraint, allowing each element to breath. So much that even the slightest adjuments cause maximum effectmetro, as felt on suitably titled stomper „Nothing Changed“ where everything hits in exactly the right place. Same goes for the incessant dialogue of tones on „Zehn“, which Sigha expands into a pensive piece, layering soothing washes of synths.

Not only an exceptional EP in its own right, FIGURE 85 further cements Viers as a skilled craftsman with seemingly endless imagination.

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Figured out by Jeroen Search

On the occasion of the release of Figure 84, Jeroen Search shared some insights regarding each track of the Time Signature EP.

"Here is the story behind the Time Signature EP, I think it turned out to be a very diverse one. To me, it is a nice example of the full palette of techno which I try to incorporate into my work.

A1 Da Capo:

Da Capo is a term used in music theory, meaning “from the beginning”. It is often used as a directive by a composer to signal the musician to repeat the previous bars of notes in a composition. I recorded this track back in 2006, only using a drum computer a Jupiter 6 synth and effects. The synth keeps on repeating, but also has slight variations in the sounds at the same time, like a real musician going back over the same piece again and again. I am really happy that this track is finally released after all those years.

A2 Dal Segno:

This track is a more recent one, and I think it is a very nice addition to the previous track. Dal Segno again,  is a term borrowed from musical notation, where it functions as a ‘navigation marker’ attending you to go back to the start. The track reflects the more dubby side of me, but still is very playable in a club setting.

B1 Eight-Four:

Eight-Four was the most difficult one to record. The separate loops of this track were originally meant exclusively as for use in my liveset.  However after playing them live, I noticed some serious dancefloor madness was going onwhenever I played these loops,  so I decided to record it my studio afterwards. Yet, it's very hard to create the same sort of energy in the studio as during the party, so it took me a couple tries before I got in the groove,  but I think it worked out quite nice.

B2 Time Signature:

This one is all about combining the power of the dancefloor with the emotions inside. I probably recorded this during an early Monday morning session after a great weekend, sort of a come-down session if you want."

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A regular contributor to Figure SPC, it was Jeroen Search who both started the series and also put an end to its story. With this creative chapter neatly closed, he is now bringing his ever-impressive work back to the main label.

Across the EP the Dutch artist doesn‘t stick to one style, instead he lets his infamous machines roam about freely. They take us for a smooth ride along swaying dub chords and gentle ripples until bellowing eches slowly rise above a hypnotic groove.

On the B-side Search then pulls out all the stops and barges right in with fidgety claps and whirling bleeps, leaving the track itself gasping for air. This is the renowned ferocity of his live act – carved into wax! Ensuing the sonic assault, a simple synth figure emerges stoically over an almost housy bounce as nostalgic rave strings bring the EP to an epic ending.

Firmly rooted in the past while always looking forward, Jeroen Search clearly is still on the top of his game. He simply keeps coming up with timeless techno – time and time again.

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A year after his versatile debut EP, Viers comes out with another batch of tunes that again set him apart from his peers both in production value and creativeness. Furthermore Sigha expands "Zehn" into a pensive piece, layering soothing washes of synths.

Preview: Soundcloud

XLR8R Studio Essentials: Jeroen Search

Jeroen Search speaks on the synths that have been essential during his two decade career.

Groove Podcast 93 + Interview by Jeroen Search

"I just love it, I love doing techno in my studio, on stage – I just love it!"
Jeroen Search with an interview and the newest GROOVE-Magazin Podcast:


A regular contributor to Figure SPC, it was Jeroen Search who both started the series and also put an end to its story. With this creative chapter neatly closed, he is now bringing his ever-impressive work back to the main label.

Coming soon.
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Figured out by Stephen Hodgetts


Cleric - Resurrection (Figure 83) just came out.

Its cover artwork shows a photography by Stephen Hodgetts who already was resposible for the one on Cleric's former 'Key Of The Night' EP (Figure 72) and whos footage has been seen on Clergy many times, Cleric's own imprint. 

For this edition of Figured Out By we invited Stephen Hodgetts to share some insights into his search for photo subjects:

"The cover image for the Cleric release was taken in the far North West Coast of Scotland.

I am drawn to pattens in nature. They are naturally occurring, forever changing and without boundaries. 

I was hiking to the remote Sandwood Beach, some 6k from the road, most of the walk is through a peat bog where white foam typically accumulates in eddies and slow moving parts of the bog.

I can’t explain why or how I see shapes and forms that other people might overlook,
it must be something about how my brain is wired! 

The equipment I was using then was a Nikon D700 with a prime lens.
Although an old digital camera of mine, it still records more than enough detail to prove a A3 print.

Technically my images are not perfect, I am more interested in how interesting the image is.

Please check out his website to get more impressions of his art. 

Listen to Figure 83: Soundcloud

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With a constant slew of quality releases Jorden Hodgetts has not only become in demand internationally, but keeps holding a vital spot on the Figure roster. His unyielding tracks as Cleric proudly wear their Manchester heritage on the sleeve, and this bold EP makes no exception.

Exploring various angles of the city’s musical lineage, Cleric creates a sound scape that seems industrial and yet futuristic. As broken and straight rhythms repeatedly alternate over the course of this record, the mixes implicate both force and elegance, thanks to clever pacing and immaculate sound design.

Whether it be narrow, bleeping stompers, epic wide-screen breakdowns or intricately assembled percussion – across this fresh and dynamic EP Cleric further sharpens his profile, not only revealing his roots but even more importantly his individual vision.

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Figured out by regal

Regal let us know background info on his tracks of his recent 'From Other Sounds' EP which was just released. (further links below)

"The tracks that are composing this EP are kinda mix of the different styles i love besides the acid techno which is usually conected to me. Even if some tracks are quite old, i think they get the idea of what i wanted to show in what i consider an openminded EP.

From other sounds

i started this track from a vocal sample that some friends showed to me when i was living in Berlin and sharing some studio time with them. I really liked the vocal and the sensations transmitted to me so I decided to make an only percussion track where vocal was the main element and the constant games of hit hats plus the basseline creates a groove to surround it, giving an industrial touch to the classic percussion sounds. Reverbs and delays are playing the main role here.

Did you see it

As many people know i'm a big fan of melodies. This track was built to surround a main melody, trying to mix the techno sound with a bit more housy and groovy style. In this case the vocal it's just an extra element in the track but not the main one as in the previous track. I think this is kind of eclectic track which can be used for both techno and house djs and gives a cool energy to a dj set. I’ve listened to it thousand times and i always get into the melody loop but depending on the situation it gives me different feeling, but always good vibes.


Probably the most old tune of the EP. I personally consider this track as a tool or maybe an opening set track. There are some really cool dub tracks out there composed with just few elements but creating an addictive grove that gets you into the soul of the track, so basically that's what i tried to do. I felt hypnotized by the chords loop accompained with the opaque sound of the kick and sub. Hit hats and snare are just the landscape of the trip.

I'm really happy to be remixed by Radio Slave, i think Matt did an excellent job and i hope the people could get the idea and goal behind every single track."


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Having earned himself the status as one of Madrid’s hottest techno-exports, Regal is back on Figure with a special EP comprising both new works from him plus two creative re-interpretations by none other than Radio Slave.

Original and remix rub shoulders on the record’s A-side, both revolving around its enticing vocal hook. While Regal employs a skipping beat and skittish percussion to conjure up an air of mystery, Radioslave crawls down further the rabbit’s hole and uncovers the track’s slumbering lunatic qualities.

On the flipside Regal is back in full control, albeit this time operating in a framework a tad more housy than usual: snappy snares slice up the bubbling acid-line on the fast whirling while it’s eponymus vocal sample ironically asks ‘Did you see it?’. Equally aptly-titled Slab barges right in, wielding hefty drums and a bassline that oozes groove out of every loop.

As part of the digital release, the EP comes with another atmospheric Radioslave-rework of From Other Sounds, leaning on the ambient and heavy on the subs - one for the headz!

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'Elocution' figured out by Lewis Fautzi

Lewis Fautzi shared some insights into the ideas and feelings behind the tracks on 'Elocution' which just hit the stores. (links further below)

"When I started to work on the EP it was Tabula Rasa - I didn’t have a specific plan, but just wanted something that could work really good on the dance floor but could also be used to relax at home.

Personally, this style I adopted has become one of the most important things to me when producing. I love to hear a track of mine and instantly recognize in it a bit of me, of my work. In “Elocution”, the track that named the EP, the synth was the first thing I created and the connection with the pads felt immediately right. I think I smiled when I played both of them at same time.

After that the process changed a bit. I was looking to create elements that could fit right and could take me to the goal I had defined. Although the track has a low pitch range when played original, the hi hats can give an intense rhythm to it and this way it can be appreciated the way I wanted and perfectly playable to a crowd.

I'm glad of what I've accomplished here. The tracks are different from each other. But each one has its own story, its own charisma and all of them fit outstandingly right on the path I've been creating for many years.

Maybe that's one of the most difficult things to an artist, to create a path and a unique style and being able to apply it in every single thing he does. Hope that this EP can make its way directly to a lot of artists’ bags and that they enjoy it as much as I do."

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Elocution, the third Figure EP from portuguese producer Lewis Fautzi, again displays a high degree of versatility but still comes cleary cut for the club.

Employing a rich yet spacious sound design, Fautzi creates cinematic scapes that are at once both brimming with the hums of colossal interstellar machinery yet at the same time leave enough room for a range of carefully sculpted elements to do their work. Whether it be the twisted acid arpeggio on opener Shizophrenia, the imposing drones underscoring the mighty Mirror or the propulsive percussion of centerpiece 37B. Testament to Fautzi’s talent of engaging arrangement, never do the tracks here feel hurried nor do they become stagnant – but rather given just the right time to ripe into their full captivating potential.

No matter if one is to approach this records as already an avid lover of Lewis Fautzi’s work or comes to it simply looking for fresh takes on the classic formula, this enthralling EP certainly will satisfy everyone’s needs.

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Thank you all

Massive thanks to all artists and the amazing crowd at Berghain. That was a magnificent Figure Nacht, from start to finish.
Big love to the whole crew and everyone involved, who made this last week such a memorable one.

Figure Nacht x Berghain

We can't wait for the night to begin

Figure Nacht x LC Club Nantes

We're in Nantes this coming Friday - Figure Nacht at LC Club. 

with Len Faki / Regal / Viers

Figure Nacht x Hidden

Madchester very soon.


listen here: Soundcloud

Constant Permutation figured out by UBX127

UBX127 shared some insights into the ideas behind the tracks of Constant Permutation Pt1 & Pt 2, which both just came out. (links further below)

"This is the output of the constant permutation in my studio. These tracks are based on the idea of using a limited amount of machines, whose role in the production is constantly shifting. My focus was to refine and clarify the melodies and grooves but also finding new ways of working with these machines. Here are some of my ideas and thoughts around the tracks on these two releases. 


The inspiration for this track is a whole bunch of old house records that i love. I wanted the track to have a really driving melody and a really basic arrangement. It's a pretty moody melody but the high tempo still gives it drive.

Create & Destroy:

The idea behind track was to create a track that modulates to something else during its progression. It's a busy arrangement to match the hectic melody.


'Bara brus' is swedish for 'just noise'. The only sound source for this whole track white noise which is routed to different sequenced filters. 


A made the bass line by accident and built the track around that. From the tracks on this record I would say this is the most straight forward club tool.


For me it's hard to define or pinpoint what techno is exactly. This track is exploration on the idea of making a track without rhythm that still has the feel of techno.


Most of this tracks is the bass line made by an old FM synth. There is a decent amount of noise coming from this synth due to aliasing errors (and long unbalanced audio cables). I'm using this noise to build most of the rhythms in the higher frequencies.


This is club techno, plain and simple. I always love sparse productions like this on big club systems as there is space in mix for the reverberations of the room to be part of the track. 

Cyclic Soundscape:

The background for this one is the modulating patch the runs trough the track. I liked the idea of a track that constantly grows and falls so i simply underpinned the patch with a rhythm track.


I hope you find these varied tracks interesting and that you get some value from knowing about the ideas behind the production. 


listen: Part 1 | Part 2 


When hitting a streak its best to keep going.
For a prolific producer like UBX127 one EP just wasnt enough to keep up with his continuous output of high quality techno.

Constant Permutation Part 2 picks up where its predecessor left off and provides for another batch of deadly club weapons. Living up to its title, beatless Explorations sends out eerie signals deep into outer space, anticipating with suspense to maybe find some life forms response. It arrives in form of driving track Felt and its ricocheting, arpeggiated synths, which would aptly soundtrack the decent of alien attack ships on our planet. Weighty, yet mysterious Ornsberg seems to echo with the cries of long lost souls that have been trapped eternally inside its icy caverns.

The EP ends with a masterclass in immersive sound design, a constant ebb and flow of layers, winding their way into the listeners subconscious. Filling up a pair of twelves to the brim with tunes this well thought out and executed, UBX127 further displays his vast potential and leaves us with excitement for whatever he might be coming up with next.

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Setaoc Mass - Cipher


UBX127 - Han


Popping up for the first time on Figure SPC Y, it was the remarkable synth-work of UBX127 that instantly struck a chord with the label’s demand for substantial techno. Now the Stockholm artist proves himself loyal and hits back twofold with a pair of EPs that further highlight his mastery of both vivid modulation and effective sequencing.

Leading into this batch of new tunes are the crafty and beautifully fleshed-out synth-arpeggios of opener Han, which UBX127 complements gracefully by adding tender touches of melody. A2 cut Create and Destroy displays a new side to the producer that verges on the manic, building upon a swirling theme that soon flies into a lunatic frenzy. Soothing then are the spacious sounds of Barabrus, a crisp piece of floating breakbeats and shoving sub-bass. Living up to its name, Swells starts as a bold synth-led groove and slowly grows into a romping beast that rebels against glistening sonic whiplashes.

Even in its own right Constant Permutation Part 1 stands as a cohesive and compelling record that will add to any collection. But with its equally strong successor already waiting in the wings, it is UBX127 himself who will make a lasting impression.

listen: Soundcloud

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